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Our Services

 Jiffy Shoe Service has been established since 1990 in Saint John, New Brunswick .Our store location is at the Milledgeville Market Superstore,We have resoled, heeled, stitched, stretched, dyed, cleaned and polished tens of thousands of pairs of shoes, maybe even a pair just like yours. Jiffy's professional shoe cobblers take great care to listen to your needs so you receive the exact repair that you requested, done neatly, sturdily, and with materials that are of a high quality. Listed Below are some of the other services we provide.

Key Duplicating: At Jiffy Shoe we have up to date machinery that can cope with almost any key that we are presented with. We pride ourselves on setting our machines to the utmost accuracy and with a massive range of keys in our shop we hope to be able to professionally select the blank from stock and accurately cut the key for you in a matter of a minute or two. We can offer a wide range of car keys in stock whether the car be old or new. At  Jiffy Shoe we have the latest technology in transponder keys which most cars after 1995 are fitted with as standard equipment. If the car key has a transponder chip in the head of the key which isnt visible to the eye we can check to see if it has or not and then it is quite likely we will be able to cut and copy the chip code on to a new key.

Sharpening Service: Do you struggle with dull knives and scissors? Jiffy can professionally hone your knives and scissors to a crisp and even razor edge, making even the most dull and damaged blades work like they were new. (If you have sore or arthritic hands,this can help you a lot!) We also do a great job on hunting knives, gardening tools and mower blades.

Leather Goods repair: We also excel at purse, handbag and luggage repair, whether you require a quick stitch, a whole new strap, zipper replacement, or just a tidy up, Jiffy will perform the kind of professional job that will put smile on your face. This service extends to tool belt repair, Horse tack repair, you name it! If it's leather,vinyl,or heavy canvas, ect. we can can neatly and quickly repair it.


Online Services

Order online shoe repair in just 3 easy steps:

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Jiffy Shoe Repair
Millidgeville Market
650 Somerset Street
Saint John, NB .
Telephone: (506) 658-1262

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Quality Promise

We are proud to gaurentee 100% satisfaction on all the work we do. We have been in business since 1989 and have served tens of thousands of people from around Southern New Brunswick and afar, who return again and again to trust us with their best footwear, leather goods, and cutting implements.