Shoe Repair by Mail

You can save time and bother by sending us your needed repairs through the mail! After you fill in the below information, simply click the Print link, put this form in with your shoes and then mail them to us at the following address:

Jiffy Shoe Service
Millidgeville Market
650 Somerset Street
Saint John, N.B .

P.S. Don't have a printer?That's OK too.

1.) Simply write down on a sheet of paper the required repairs

2.) Include your Visa or Mastercard number, with expiry date , and name on Card .

3.) Be sure to include your return address and phone number .

 4.) Mail us your repairs.We will call you back to verify price and turnaround time(usually 3 days)

All work is guarenteed,or your money will be happily refunded if you are not satisfied with our best efforts.

Date: February 21, 2018
Credit Card Type
Expiration Date (MM/YY)
Card Number
Name on Card
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