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A sample of Our Work

Here are some pictures of just a few of the great jobs we have done.


Polished Boots,(Doc Martins)

I don't know where this fellow was walking, or what he was doing, but I thought these were gonners when first set eyes on them. All dirty and messy. These require a some loving Jiffy attention. PRESTO !! First we shampooed these boots with Lincoln E~Z Clean, Then we stuffed them with paper wadding and let them dry. After that we spent quality time rubbin' in some liquid sadle soap to softed the leather bring back it supple texture. Finally we polished them up with a dark brown cream polish and buffed them up to a nice shine

Leather Soles and Heels

Some Repairs we have done

Dog Shoes!!,Resoled!

Work Boot Soles

Soles and Heels

Leather Trim

Adding Zippers to Riding Boots(for better fit about the legs)

Birkenstock Renew, Before & After

These birkenstocks are old , broken, and worn out. In this photo we have refurbished them with new Birkenstock footbeds, new Birkenstock soles,reconditioned the uppers and polished them up to new condition.

Heels and Polish

Before and After

Worn out soles on mans loafers.Uppers are decent quality leather with nice padded lining.These old war horses are held onto by customers 'cause they offer style,yet are light and comfortable. This particular pair has developed a break right across the flex line of the sole,and are becoming unglued from the upper. Lets see what we can do What we've done here is: 1.) Scoured down the original shoe sole. 2.) Mckay stitched the original sole to the upper. 3.) sanded the heel down to the nessasary level to put on replacement heels. 4.) primed the original heel and sole with Renia primer(twice),let dry. 5.) primed the new heel and ProTania sole with Renia primer(twice),let dry. 6.)Glued up primed surfaces with Renia Glue.(wait 4 hours) 7.) heat up new soles and heels,press,neatly trim with a lip knife,lighly trim. 8.) polish to a nice shine,trim any loose threads,ect. 9.) voila!! A real pair of Keepers that will keep this fella 'a walkin' and 'a smilin'.

New full soles and heels

More Birkenstocks, Before & After

Another Pair of beat out Birkenstocks that are in want of a good reviving. The same Birks with new Birkenstock soles & New Birkenstock footbeds.We also spent quality time cleaning & conditioning the leather uppers.

cosmetic alteration

The poor lady lost one of her decorative accents from these nice Etienne Aigner loafers. We Neatly cut out and stiched on these reptile accents.

New soles & heels

These...were...TOAST!! They had a two layer sole type deal that was cracking and the welt was broken in a few places. We applied new foam midsoles,sanded them down appropriately, then added a pair of Vibram Pro Tania Soles & Dupla heels.

Vibram Athletic soles

If you have Athletic shoes/sneakers that you want to extend the life of............. We can resole them with Vibram Athletic or Marathon soles.Works every time.

New heel counter liners

Before & After Ecco shoes

A tired pair of Eccos Now polished up & with new Vibram Gumlite soles & new midsoles.

Clark loafers resoled

Badly worn out Clark Loafers. These have seen better days, the original sole was worn down quite badly and the uppers were very rough looking Restored to good working and looking order with new Vibram Cherry soles, a shampoo and a vigorous polish.

Luggage repairs

This handle was fastened to luggage very poorly, and is shrouded in cheap vinyl material. We removed the old vinyl and refasted the handle more securely. It is now strong, classy looking~~ and won't break down on route to it destination

Comfy deck shoes

A fellow brought these tired ol' shoes into the shop. He joked that there was no way that they could be salvaged. Ta~Da !! We cleaned these dear friends with Lincoln EZ Clean, and hand stitched the uppers again so that they look and feel like new. Only better !! Because they are his, he knows that they fit his feet well.

New strap for Louis Vuitton purse

This is a hot little Loius Vuitton purse with a tattered and crumbly old purse strap. The Purse is a knock off of the type bought from New York Street venders...but I won't tell anybody. It looks ready for the bin with that strap. Seems hopeless doesn't it? Voila! A brand new purse strap....an this on is a solid peice of leather mae by us at the shop from high quality leather. This strap will stay looking good for a long time.It has to, because you really enjoy wearing your nicey~nice purse. Bring/send us your favorite purses an handbags, you'll be very happy with our efforts!

Luggage Handle Repairs

This is a close up and personal shot of a broken suitcase handle. Not much good now, innit?.....Innit? No no good at all Here's the same suitcase with a very strong peice of sturdy leather put in the place where that feeble little peice of fabric and tiyn was. This will work well and last a long time while still looking neat and attractive.

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